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Actions you can Take

Extend the Act - Actions you can Take

Campaign to Extend Abortion Act to NI    

Forty women from Alliance for Choice hold a symbolic protest outside Westminster to represent the 40 women who travel from Northern Ireland every week for abortions in Britain.

(Photograph © Jess Hurd 2008)

Westminster MPs

Westminster vote on extension of the Abortion Act to NI is now likely to happen on 22nd October. YOU can help to get the Act extended by making your voice heard. Email as many MPs as possible to tell them that you live in or are from NI — give your name, address and post code or they will ignore the email.

Tell them why you support abortion rights for women in NI. If you have travelled to have an abortion or have helped a friend to get the money together etc, tell them that also. Alliance for Choice can send you a full list of emails for MPs who have voted consistently for a woman’s right to choose and one email can go to hundreds of them at once. Email us at if you want the list sent to you.

Sponsors of the Amendment

It would be particularly good if you could email the sponsors of the amendment to extend the Act. They are Diane Abbott, Katy Clark and John McDonnell (Labour), Evan Harris (Lib Dem), Jacqui Lait and John Bercow (Conservatives). All MPs emails are in the form “”. Hence their email addresses are:

The Minister ... and above

Alternatively, you can write to Dawn Primarolo, the Minister for Public Health who is in charge of abortion at present. Her email is ; postal address is:
    The Department of Health,
    Richmond House,
    79 Whitehall,
    SW1A 2NS.

Tell her this is a health issue, not one for crime and policing and so should not be devolved along with criminal justice (it’s not anywhere else, not even Scotland which does have control over its own policing and justice).

You could download our draft letter to help you get started. You can access it here (it pops up into a new window) as a PDF file, as a plain text or as a plain webpage. Just click one of those links, copy and paste the text into your word-processor or email program and edit it to bring out your personal experience or the particular points you want to emphasise.

Write to Gordon Brown or Shaun Woodward, Sec of State for NI and tell them about your support for extension.


Sign the Family Planning Association e-petition on the Number Ten website. (Also available via our links page.)

Get Involved ...

Best of all, get involved in Alliance for Choice and help us to organise this vital fight for women’s rights. Email us at either of the email addresses on our contact page and we will put you in touch with your nearest group.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for information to support you in discussions you may be having.

Visit our Events page for information on meetings and protest activities.

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